Anzor Australia stocks an extensive range of stainless fasteners and fittings in Brisbane.

In addition, we offer the following services:

Special AlloysManufacturing of special items and alloys - we can supply almost any type of fastener out of a large range of corrosion resistant alloys such as Duplex 2205, Super Duplex, Titanium, 17-4PH and many more. These items are made to order and can be provided with both head markings and test certificates if requested before ordering. Specially manufactured fasteners usually take between 2 and 4 weeks. Please click here to send us an enquiry on manufacturing a special item.                                                                                                                                                                

Sourcing odd-ball fasteners, fast. Although Anzor has an extensive range of stainless fasteners in Australia, it isn't always possible to have everything ever made. We airfreight regularly from our global network of suppliers so that as a customer if you need something that's not available in Australia, we can get it fast. Most airfreights take between 3 and 14 days depending on the product and country of origin.

Anzor Indent OrderingIndent Ordering - if you require a large quantity of an item and can forecast 3-5 months ahead of your required delivery then indent ordering may be the way for you. This is the lowest cost form of ordering as we can add your stock order to our factory orders and deliver it as soon as it arrives into Australia.

Pre-lubed Fasteners and Colour Coating - stainless nuts and bolts should always be lubricated before being used. To reduce the chance of gauling or seizing we can coat fasteners with a Molybdenum based dry film lubricant, see our lubricants section. Anzor also offers wax coated hex and nyloc nuts from stock. Black coatings can also be applied to Stainless Fasteners when required.

Inventory ManagementInventory management - for the most efficient supply chain management, Anzor can help. Whether it's a Kanban, 2 Bin inventory or another type of system Anzor can stock your parts which you draw off as required. This "Just in Time" supply reduces your stockholding, increases stockturn and moves more control of the inventory process towards the source, reducing the chance of stock shortages to the production line.

Customised LabellingCustomised Labelling - if you are reselling fasteners then we can brand the labelling with your name at no extra cost. This means your customers return to you when reordering that product. For all our reseller customers Anzor offers customised labelling with your name on the product bags and boxes. All of our product labels also come standard with EAN-13 Retail Barcodes.

Tool Hireage -because not all jobs justify the purchase of a new tool Anzor hires out a range of tools including Theaded Insert, Riveting and Crimping tools.

Multiple Invoice and Paperwork Options - because Anzor deals with all different types of companies, we offer all different types of paperwork. To help make your accounts staff life easier you can choose from a range of invoice and packing slip options, including all paperwork by email.  You can also access your Invoices, Statements and track your Orders logged in here at