Pipe Clamps - Stainless Steel

Pipe Clamps - Stainless Steel
Pipe Clamps - Stainless Steel

The Pipe Clamp is a two piece clamp shaped in the form of a letter C.  It is hinged at one end and held together at the other end by a bolt and nut. There is also a range that has a threaded boss on one half of the clamp. The Pipe Clamp is made from a length of stainless flat bar of robust nature. These clamps are for heavy duty work.   
The Pipe Clamp is formed so that it fits neatly over the outside of the stated pipe size. Note; Pipe is measured by its nominal bore size (NB size with reference to the internal pipe bore) not it’s outside diameter.  Also available are Tube Clamps and Tube Clamps with Boss which are for Tube as measured by their outside diameter, see the table below for the outside diameter (or inside diameter of the clamp) by NB pipe size.

Clamp Size Fits Pipe O/D
3/8 NB Pipe 17mm
1/2 NB Pipe 21mm
3/4 NB Pipe 27mm
1 NB Pipe 33mm
1-1/4 NB Pipe 43mm
1-1/2 NB Pipe 48mm
2 NB Pipe 60mm
2-1/2 NB Pipe 73mm
3 NB Pipe 89mm
4 NB Pipe 115mm
6 NB Pipe 160mm