Ureseal (Fastening Insulation/Sealing System)

Sealed and Insulated

UreSeals are available in sizes ranging from M5 (3/16") to M12 (1/2") and are designed to be used in the mounting of marine hardware above and below the deck. Ureseals are manufactured from uv stable polyurethane, in both compressible and semi-rigid.

Ureseal features include:

  • Forms a complete seal
  • Normal or Countersunk application
  • Reduces shock loads and engine induced resonance throughout the hull, if used during the interior fitting out
  • Reduces the possibility of gel-coat stress fractures at fixing points
  • Ideal for mounting of selective spar fittings particularly if spars are painted

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In Brief:

When torqued down, the seal will extrude around the fastening creating a watertight mounting, the resulting slight gap under the fitting will allow sealant to be applied, retained, coved and cleaned up resulting in an excellent installation. Sealant can be applied after all fittings are down, but it is only necessary for aesthetics.

Under Fitting Application

Seal should sit just below the surface prior to torqueing down. Seal will mould to profile as it is torqued down.

Seal in position ready to accept fastening

SXR and Pk series only for countersunk applications.  Once torqued down, a seal will form to the profile of the countersink.  Most deck hardware fittings are bored with a clearance hole, which is enough to accept the leading edge of the skirt.  Torque will seat the seal correctly. This also safeguards against the fastening damaging anodised or painted surfaces. Sealed and Insulated, ideal for mounting windows, hatches, etc.
Self Tapping (Pk) screw or bolt sealed and insulated.  Normal or countersunk application.  
Any combination of seals can be used together depending on the requirement.  This illustration shows both "S" and "SX" series seals in combination.