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  10 Sep 2018  

Get a great finish with Anzor barrel bolts!

Barrel Bolts, Tee Nuts, Wood Inserts and Joint Connector Bolts can provide a flush & professional look and is the perfect way to finish the job.Click the links below for:Barrel NutsTee NutsJoint Conne...

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  22 Mar 2018  

Huge range of pipe and tube fittings now in stock!

Click the links below to see our full range of Pipe & Tube Fittings.Tube Bends/Tees/ReducersPipe/Tube ClampsTri-ClampsCamlocksRJTsContact, 07 3711 9977, for enquiries and prici...

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  21 Apr 2016  

Stainless Steel - To Paint or Not To Paint?

Well it partly depends on HOW you paint.Stainless steel needs oxygen to repair its chromium oxide passive film which prevents corrosion.  So not painting stainless steel is best.  Not painting gi...

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  5 Mar 2016  

Avoid a Galls-Up

What is stainless ‘galling’?Galling is when two threads bind together and seize. It can be fairly common when using stainless steel fasteners. This seizing or ‘cold-welding’ can result in fast...

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  7 Feb 2016  

Avoid Future Headaches: Don't Contaminate Your Stainless Steel

The contamination of stainless steel occurs when the stainless comes into contact with an iron object, for example a tool, and as a result the iron particles are ‘smeared’ onto the stainless. When...

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  28 Nov 2014  

Higher Loads Closer to the Edge with Internally Threaded Anchors

Our new internally threaded anchors (in 316 stainless) allow you to work with relatively higher loadings at closer proximities to the concrete’s edge, compared with traditional sleeve anchors. For e...

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  16 Oct 2013  

Nail it! In Stainless...

Why use a Steel Nail when you can use a Stainless one?Steel Nails (both Galvanised and Bright) are used throughout the Construction Industry.  However often Stainless Steel Nails are overlooked due t...

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