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Stainless Nails - Flat, Rose, Jolt, Decking, Countersunk

All stainless nails are sold by the kg, and are stocked in our warehouse in 5kg tubs.

For approximate quantities per Kilogram click here.

We stock a wide range of quality stainless steel nails that includes flat, rose, jolt, decking stainless steel nails and many more.

Flat Head Nails are a general-purpose nail and used for basic construction where the appearance of the head is not a critical factor. Available in 304, 316 and they range in length from 20mm to 100mm. Caution should be taken when using flat head nails as they can split wood.

Countersunk Nails or countersunk decking nails have a slightly more solid head with a slight countersunk shape designed for use on flooring or decking ensuring a flush finish with the surface of the timber and reducing the need to punch the heads.

Jolt Head Nails have a smaller diameter head that is only slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft of the nail, with the use of a nail punch the head of the nail can easily be sunk below the surface of the timber and covered with the use of filler and painted. Available in 304, 316 and range from 50mm to 100mm in length.

Pan Head Product Nails are the nails recommended for use with our building brackets, strip brace and joist hangers and are available in 304 grade stainless.

Panel Pins are a much finer gauge nail designed specifically for delicate jobs where a normal nail would split the material being fixed, commonly used in cabinet making, joinery and fixing mouldings.

Rose Head Nails have a raised head in the shape of a four sided pyramid, often selected for the shape of the head, and used for decorative purposed in furniture making and upholstery.

Wire Dog Staples also commonly known a C Nails these nails are literally shaped like a C and are commonly used for sub floor fixings in the building and construction industry, it is likely that if you are building within the sea spray zone (within five kms of the coast) you will want to consider using stainless steel for its superior durability.

Z nails are for use in pile and bearer fixings and are available in left hand and right hand. As with the C nails and your building close to the coast line you may want to consider stainless steel Z nails in your construction for superior durability.


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