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Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Where can I get Stainless Steel Balustrade Wire in Brisbane?

Anzor Fasteners in Acacia Ridge stock a wide range of grade 316 stainless steel cables and wire ropes as well as balustrade and handrail fittings.

How do I install stainless steel balustrade wire?

By choosing the Stainless Steel Wire Rope you need, ideally type 7 x 7 or 7 x 19 for crimping, then choose the fittings and crimps and with a simple wire crimping tool you can cut and crimp the wire on site.

How do I make a Vertical or Horizontal Wire Balustrade?

There are many Stainless Wire Balustrade and Handrail options such as the Vertical Stainless Wire Balustrade or Horizontal Stainless Wire Balustrade. Our blog post on Vertical Wire Balustrades detail how this can be done for metal or timber materials.

How do I keep my Stainless Wire Balustrade clean?

Regular cleaning of stainless steel wire rope is important to prevent tea-staining. It is also advisable to protect the stainless wire rope with Lanolin to prevent rust from forming.


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