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Lanotec Protective Lanolin

What is Lanotec?

Lanotec is truly a remarkable substance for use in the fight against corrosion. Its properties will ensure that you extend the longevity of your assets by maximizing the preservation, lubrication and overall protection of metal surfaces and electrical.

Lanotec Liquid Lanolin

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About Lanotec

Raw lanolin (wool grease) is a natural substance secreted by sheep to provide a protective coating on their fleece for protection in harsh conditions. Once the sheep have been shorn, the fleece undergoes a scouring and refining process to extract the lanolin and to clean the fleece.

Lanotec is made from a specialized process which converts raw wool grease into a range of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products that are affordable and easy to apply. These products have multiple ranges of applications from general industrial lubrication and preservation, to the protection of metals and electronics from corrosion and wear.

Benefits of Lanotec

The benefits of using Lanotec for corrosion prevention, lubrication and preservation are many, both to the user and the environment.

  • Lanotec lanolin is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
  • Lanotec lanolin penetrates through rust to protect metal & alloy surfaces and lift rust scale.
  • Lanotec inhibits oxidation and galvanic corrosion.
  • Lanotec forms a barrier coating on treated surfaces, effectively preventing corrosive agents from reaching and penetrating the surface.
  • Lanotec is non-evaporative, non-leaching and resists being washed off of surfaces (after the carrier has evaporated), increasing longevity of protection.
  • Lanotec has high resistance to acids making it ideal to use in industrial environments, it also has a moderate alkali resistance.
  • Lanotec is safe to use on rubber and other synthetic materials and will not cause perishing.
  • Lanotec can help reduce stock holdings through its versatility and help reduce down time of maintenance.
  • Lanotec will prevent moisture and oxygen from contacting metal surfaces preventing corrosion.
  • Lanotec will prevent electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals.
  • Lanotec is NZFSA Approved C12 (All animal product except dairy).
  • Lanotec Grease is Eurofin Certified for use around drinking systems.
  • All blends of Lanotec products are very easy and safe to apply.

Lanotec Lanolin Type A Grease

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