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Stainless Steel Wire Rope

What are the types of Stainless Steel Wire Rope?

Stainless Steel Wire Rope comes in 3 main types which describe its make up:

  • 1 x 19 Stainless Wire Rope has 19 strands of a single wire. This is a stiff wire, ideal for straight lines and has fewer crevices for corrosion.
  • 7 x 7 Stainless Wire Rope has 7 groups each with 7 strands of wire. This cable has medium flexibility and is good at going round bends and being crimped.
  • 7 x 19 Stainless Wire Rope has 7 groups each with 19 strands of wire. This cable has a high degree of flexibility and is excellent at going round bends.

Why is 7 x 7 Stainless Wire Rope so good?

Stainless Steel 7 x 7 Wire Rope is an excellent cable choice for stainless steel balustrades and handrails as it offers the flexibility to go through thimbles and fittings and be crimped.

Where can I get Stainless Steel cable in Brisbane?

Anzor Fasteners in Acacia Ridge stock a wide range of grade 316 stainless steel cables and wire ropes as well as chain and fittings.

How do I crimp Stainless Steel Wire Rope?

By choosing the Stainless Steel Wire Rope you need, ideally type 7 x 7 or 7 x 19 for crimping, then choose the fittings and crimps and with a simple wire crimping tool you can cut and crimp the wire on site.

How do I make a Stainless Wire Balustrade?

There are many Stainless Wire Balustrade and handrail options such as the Vertical Stainless Wire Balustrade or Horizontal Stainless Wire Balustrade.

How do I keep my Stainless Wire Balustrade clean?

Regular cleaning of stainless steel wire rope is important to prevent tea-staining. It is also advisable to protect the stainless wire rope with Lanolin to prevent rust from forming.

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