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Anzor Handrail Eyelet Installation Guide

Stainless Eyelet For Metal Frame

Installation Instructions for the Eyelet for Metal frame (AHE)

  1. Tube must be a minimum of 16swg or 1.5mm
  2. The thread on the eyelet has a 6mm x 1mm pitch
  3. The drill size to use is 5mm. No larger.
  4. To tap the thread Use a 6mm x 1mm pitch spiral point or gun tap. The reason for using this type of tap is they push material ahead of the tap thus giving more material to tap into. These taps can be used with a drill.
  5. Eyelets must not be over tightened - just screwed down until they seat in the correct alignment.

Metal Balustrade Photo at the Beach


  • Chamfered entry and exit for the wire, greatly reducing the chance of chaffing.
  • There is an under cut beneath the seat, so that the thread does not stop correct seating.
  • No welding required.

In order to maintain the best finish from your eyelet, wire and handrail see the Anzor cleaning & maintenance guide

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