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Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 High Strength Stainless Steel

Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 (High Strength Stainless Steel)

BUMAX 88 and 109 are stainless steel fasteners with increased strength and corrosion resistance.


The strongest stainless fastener in the market

The BUMAX 88 and 109 fasteners are developed to achieve ultimate tensile and yield strength values in line with those of Steel-screws in class 8.8 and 10.9. The BUMAX products can also give top performance long after standard fasteners have reached their limits. The difference compared to conventional products is especially noticeable in extreme environments.

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Made from the best material in the market

The BUMAX fasteners are manufactured from a new variant of acid-proof Swedish steel SS 14.2343. The striking feature of the steel’s composition is its low Carbon content and increased content of Chromium and Nickel. Laboratory tests and practical application have shown that the special composition gives BUMAX products unsurpassed performance in a number of vital areas.

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Superior corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a very difficult problem in damp and abrasive environments. The combination of low carbon content and the increased content of alloying elements gives the fasteners Bumax 88 and 109 superior resistance to corrosion.

Lower weight, same strength

As modern constructions develop, we are constantly aiming for minimum weight combined with retained or increased strength. Bumax 88 and Bumax 109 fasteners offer unique strength properties in relation to their weight. Fasteners of conventional standards often need two or three times the weight to manage the same job as a Bumax fastener.

Developed for demanding environments

Water, aggressive liquids, vibration, high pressure, extreme temperatures – today’s constructions must be able to withstand many harsh conditions and forces. It is here that the difference between Bumax products and conventional fasteners can be most clearly seen. When it comes to high strength, weight minimisation or a corrosive environment, the Bumax 88 and 109 fasteners are the superior solution.


Anzor carries a range of Hex Head Bolts, Hex Head Setscrews and Hex Nuts in Bumax 88 and Bumax 109. Additional ietms such as Socket Head Capscrews can be brought in to order.

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