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Tensile Strength Comparison Chart

Tensile Strength is the maximum tension applied as loading that a fastener can support prior to (or coincidental with) its fracture.

Stainless steel fasteners can be made to different grades which relate to properties such as corrosion resistance and also different strength classes. These classes can be identified by their head markings such as on stainless steel bolts.

Imperial Ibf/in2 MPa Metric
1200 Stainless Steel Class 120 (e.g. Bumax 129)
Stainless Steel Class 120 1200 Class 12.9 (AS1110 High Tensile Steel)
SAE Grade 8 (A5 2465 High Tensile Steel) 150000 1034 Class 10.9 (A5 1110 High Tensile Steel)
Stainless Steel Class 100 1000 Stainless Steel Class 100 (e.g. Bumax 109)
SAE Grade 5 (A5 2465 High Tensile Steel) 120000 900 Class 8.8 (A5 1110 High Tensile Steel)
Stainless Steel Class 80 (e.g. 316-80, Bumax 88) 116000 800 Stainless Steel Class 80 (e.g. A4-80, Bumax 88, SS2507)
Stainless Steel Class 70 (e.g. 304-70, 316-70) 101000 700 Stainless Steel Class 70 (e.g. A2-70, A4-70)
600 Class 5.8 (AS1110)
Stainless Steel Class 50 (e.g. No Markings) 72000 500 Stainless Steel Class 50 (e.g. No Markings)
BSW Mild Steel (A5 2451) 65000 450

Class 4.6 (AS1110)

Mild Steel (AS1390)
62000 427
58015 400

100 PSI (Ibf/in2 = 6.894Mpa)

1Mpa = 145.038 PSI (Ibf/in2)

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